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80-year-old Forrest Fenn is a legend in Santa Fe,
New Mexico. He moved west after spending 20 years as an
Air Force pilot. After more than 300 combat missions Fenn
retired his wings and opened one of the most successful art
galleries in town. Fenn has more stories than a Barnes and
Noble – which makes perfect sense given that he’s also an
author. His 8th book is a memoir called “The Thrill of the
Chase” in which he gives clues to finding a treasure chest
he says is filled with more than 1.2 million dollars worth of
gold coins and jewelry – all taken from his personal
collection. Fenn says he’s hidden the treasure in the
mountains north of Santa Fe and the hunt is on to find it!

Forrest Fenn and I pose for a picture outside a ‘clay mine’ at San
Lazaro Ruin site, 20 miles outside of Santa Fe. Fenn owns the land
which is a National Historic Landmark containing the ruins of a
prehistoric pueblo. Fenn has spent years excavating the area and has found
thousands of prehistoric clay pots, tools, bones, jewelry and other artifacts
from ancient Native American tribes.

Cameraman John Goheen films at San Lazaro Ruins. The camera is
perched atop of mound of broken clay pots that date back as far as 1150.
Forrest Fenn assures me that the treasure chest of gold and jewels he hid
is NOT buried here.

Somewhere in the mountains north of Santa Fe three of us search for the hidden treasure chest containing $1.2 million….

Santa Fe resident Marc Howard consults the map as he heads north into the mountains to search for Forrest Fenn’s hidden treasure worth a reported $1.2 million. Marc’s been out searching a dozen times and says he believes he’s getting close. One clue Marc is following states “begin where wam waters halt and take it in the canyon. Not far, but too far to walk. Put in below the home of Brown.” Hmmm….


Interview by Jennifer London (World Report)

Particpates in search with Marc Howard, a friend of Forrest Fenn.

Particpates in search with JD Noble, a hatmaker in Sante Fe.

Forrest's Words:

Its a very special place to me, otherwise I would not have done it.  That was a crucial part of it.

If a person can think, they can find the chest.  The secret is to think and analyze.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011